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Elementary Classes

Judy4.jpg - 8Kb Class 2, Elementary Class (7.15pm to 8.15pm).

Julie Jones

These courses are suitable for older puppies and other dogs for basic pet obedience. This class covers puppy training and Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award, leading to the Good Citizen Silver Award and Gold Award.

Most dogs and handlers will have no problem reaching the Silver Standard.

merlin.jpg - 11Kb Class 3, Advanced Class (Not currently running, Class combined with Class 2 above).

Julie Jones

This 8 week course covers competitive obedience from Pre-beginners through to Class B and also advanced pet training (Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver and Gold Award).

The Gold Certificate is a much more challenging test, but. as in all tests it is non-competitive and there is no time limit on it. When you pass this test you can be really proud of your dog as they will have proved themselves to be truly Good Citizens.

Full details of our fees can be found on the Membership page.

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